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How ZenMaid Outsources Social Media Engagement for Less than $5 per Day

At our Maid Service Software company, ZenMaid, we regularly drive leads to our business by contributing posts and comments on LinkedIn.

At some point I got sick of all the time it was taking me to handle that and figured out a way to remove 80% (!!!) of my work from the process.

In the quick video below I share how I managed to cut my daily LinkedIn time from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

Underneath I go into more detail on the process and at the end of the page you can even download the exact email task I sent to my VA and the spreadsheet I have filled out for me daily.

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“You can’t outsource social media engagement!”

“Outsourcing social media? To someone in the Philippines? Are you insane???”

“I’ve already outsourced social media… when a new blog post goes up it’s automatically put on FB, LinkedIn, and my mom’s Instagram. Nothing else can be done!”

These are just a couple of the comments I heard at Chris Ducker’s Tropical Think Tank 2015 (#TTT15).

When I told people that I had outsourced 80% of my social media engagement, no one believed me. Yet I’m a Top Contributor on 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) LinkedIn groups in approximately 15 minutes day.

15. Minutes. Per. Day.

The best part? It’s actually ME posting to social media and engaging with customers, not someone in India or the Philippines. This isn’t about giving up control. I will teach you how to spend less time and have more control of your brand.

By the end of this article you’ll be able to engage and spread your brand on every social media platform, WITHOUT spending hours and hours on them every day.

Last year, ZenMaid (a B2B Maid Service Software) was regularly generating leads through LinkedIn groups. Thanks to regular posting from yours truly. Great, right?

Unfortunately, I was miserable. Forced to wake up at 5 am so I could contribute to these groups and get to the real work (new marketing campaigns and my day job) before 7 in the morning.

Something had to change.

That’s when I came across an old article I’d read years before from Maneesh Sethi (article linked below) on how he outsourced his email that inspired me.

Within a week I had a process in place that allowed me to wake up at 7 am and contribute on all 15 LinkedIn groups in 15 minutes.

To keep things concise and show you exactly how I accomplish this I’m going to share my LinkedIn process for free.

However once you understand how to use the process, it’ll be easy for you to take this to any platform you want to use it on.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you need to make this a reality in your business:

  • A Virtual Assistant (this process can be done by any English speaking VA … ANY. Think $3 per hour)
  • Access to your LinkedIn profile is preferred but not necessary if you aren’t comfortable with it
  • List of all the LinkedIn Groups you want to stay active in

The LinkedIn Process

1) Your virtual assistant checks each LinkedIn group you wish to remain active on. He or she creates a spreadsheet entry for each new LinkedIn discussion that has popped up in the previous 24 hours.

2) Open your LinkedIn spreadsheet once per day and scan the newly posted discussions for topics you can contribute to or join.

3) Leave your responses to the discussions in the spreadsheet. You can even choose to like specific discussions.

4) Send the completed spreadsheet to your virtual assistant.

5) Your Virtual Assistant will go through LinkedIn as you and respond with your comments; (copy pasta) as well as like discussions you’ve instructed them to like.

That’s it!

Now, you might be thinking:

“Amar, I don’t want to give my VA access to my LinkedIn” or

“I’m going to use this for FaceBook, I can’t share my password!”

That’s perfectly fine. Just remove steps 3-5 and respond yourself.

In the spreadsheet your Virtual Assistant will provide direct links to the discussions so you can quickly identify where you want to contribute, click the link, and handle your business.

This alone will save you tons of time. For me personally, it was taking 20 minutes just to open the 15 LinkedIn groups and see where I could answer posts.

Removing that alone with steps 1-2 is the real time saver here. (though 3-5 are pretty sweet as well)

Enter your email here and I’ll send you the actual email I give my VA + the spreadsheet they need to fill out. It breaks down this process so you can maximize your time and build your social brand.
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The Maneesh Sethi article that inspired this process:
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