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The ZenMaid Marketing Funnel - From Start to Finish

The following was originally an email I wrote up for my business partner to help us set up better analytics for our company. What it turned into a written out breakdown of our entire marketing funnel that we’ve built out over the past 2 years…

What’s covered:


  1. Where we get our targeted Traffic from
  2. How we turn that traffic into email addresses
  3. How we nurture those leads and get them to learn more about our software
  4. Converting leads into trial signups
  5. Turning trial signups into long-term, paying customers
  6. What we do and track once they convert

It ended up being one of the most useful things I’ve documented for ZenMaid and really clarified for me a lot of things in our business.

A couple people looked the email over and suggested I share it so here it is.

Please note that it’s a pretty long in depth write up, you may want to skim it to see what’s of interest before diving in.

[I’ve added my comments for you, the reader, to the post in brackets and italics like this]

————————————————-begin email—————————————————————-

Traffic Generation Sources:


Capterra [Capterra is a software review site that ranks #1 on Google when you search “Maid Software”]


Organic Search (minor)

Word of Mouth (minor)


Coming soon:



Retargeting (Google display network)




The vast majority of our traffic comes from Capterra and also converts the best. [over 1 of each 4 people that visit ZenMaid from Capterra provide us their email address]LinkedIn gets us good exposure but lower conversion rate due to people not usually looking to buy when they land at our page (usually there for the content). Longer sales cycle at the current time and more difficult to track.


AdWords has gotten us reasonable results in the past though with a lower return than Capterra. [1 out of 10 AdWords visitors gives us their email address] 


Should be noted that the last time we ran an  AdWords campaign our funnel was not refined to anywhere near the point it is currently. Fair to expect an immediate improvement from our previous results when we turn that back on.


Retargeting is something I think we should put at least $10 per day into immediately (by immediately I mean when we add to our PPC budget after some of the changes we’ve already discussed). Those ads are only shown to people that have landed somewhere on ZenMaid and I believe in a short test run we were paying considerably less for these clicks (need to confirm this and check what our conversion rates were from click to email capture)


Analytics needs - Would be good to get all of this information into one place and integrate it with the rest of the funnel (the point of this email/conversation obviously). At the current time I rely on LeadPages to tell me how many people are hitting us from Capterra.


I can look up on our blog how many people are looking at our specific posts but this traffic comes from both our email list and LinkedIn and I can’t differentiate which is which.


I also don’t know when people sign up on our home page if they came from Capterra (and clicked to the home page for more info) or from LinkedIn/our blog)


Lead Capture / Generation Pages:


47 Keywords

5 Tools

4 Ads

404 page (haven’t figured out when or why people are hitting it)


ZenMaid home page (changing soon)


Coming soon:


The ZenMaid Free Resources Page (part of the changing ZenMaid home page, also will be visible on our blog)




The home page will be changing to educate people more on the software and also to help them enter “our world” through our blog and other pages. [due to the fact that most of our traffic came to targeted landing pages through PPC we’ve neglected our home page which is admittedly pretty terrible]


Specifically we’ll be trying to direct more traffic to our trial page using HelloBar (already live and viewable on our blog) and directing people to our new “Free Resources” page which allows them to download any of our lead magnets and see some of our more popular content and infographics. This free resources page may be our highlighted header button as it’s our best opportunity to show authority, build trust, and capture the email to get them in our funnel.


Analytics needs:


Big thing here is knowing where our converting traffic (by this I mean website visitor to captured email address) is coming from. I have a good idea when it’s direct from Capterra but if they find us through there and don’t register immediately, I won’t know if that was the story when they do come back. I also don’t have a way of differentiating between visitors who find us organically vs LinkedIn or other sources (Sharon maybe?)


These analytics will also help us analyze how our retargeting is working and where our best leads truly come from.


Lead Nurture (once email is captured)


We currently have 1 email sequence set up for new leads that is focused on building authority and trust then directing to the software (directly and via webinar).




The series is 12 emails and currently gets opened 36% of the time (up from 25% with our previous series) and clicked almost 9% of the time (up from 5% from our previous series).


[Leave a comment below if you’d like me to share more information about the changes we made from our previous sequence to our current one]


More importantly our webinar promo emails are performing insanely better (36% open / 13% CTR vs a pitiful 23%/2%)


I’m wondering if we should have 2 email series, the one we already have and another that focuses on different features of the software and is more sales-focused. Our current series does a good job of this but the fact that it doesn’t feel as much like we’re trying to sell might not actually be helping us, at least in some cases.


If we were to implement this it would likely be that our current lead magnets would lead to our current email series and instead of direct people to our trial page we’d shoot them to our explainer video page. When they entered their email there we’d send them the more sales focused series.


The only issue I see with this is that our current series does a good job building trust with people who sign up after seeing the explainer video and I’m hesitant to change that. This issue is totally solvable though if we decide this is the way to move forward.


Another consideration is adding in our launch sequence somewhere down the line. The current email series ends after 33 days and it’s on me to keep content flow going from there. We do have the option of putting our launch sequence into that series something like 10 days after that or anytime in the next 30. My only concern here is this has definitely burnt our list in the past. People will be less likely to open emails from us after we send them all these (it’s something like 12 emails in a 10 day period) but the results might be worthwhile. Let me know your thoughts on this. We do have a list of maybe 150 people that I’ve looked into on our list that we can run this launch to immediately to see how it performs (I’d guess we’d pick up 3-5 new clients and get 15+ unsubscribes).


Analytics needs: 


The more integrated we can get this email series into all of our data the better. I don’t know which people on our list are more likely to open and read our emails and this would be good info to have obviously. I’m not sure that Google analytics would be the place for this but even know how many people are clicking to our blog then tracking from there if they’re making it to our trial page would be good information to have.


Trial Sign Up Page


Interested leads will eventually make their way to the trial sign up page and register. At the current time I have no data on this page or ability to edit. One of the most insightful things I learned at Tropical Think Tank was to focus on the smallest numbers in our funnel first. If this page is converting at 2% then finding a way to bump it to just 3% would mean 50% more leads and customers (in theory). Finding what the current percentage is and how many visitors hit this page each month (and their traffic source) would be a great start here. After that we can look into some A/B tests to bump this number.


I’ll also take a look at the current copy on there and see if there are any changes we should make based on info gleaned since creating it.


In Trial


In trial the customers receive a series of emails and messages through Intercom. This series is performing well and I’ve reviewed it recently. I expect to make more adjustments to it as we get info back from the surveys we’ll be implementing as those should tell us what we need to educate our potential customers on further.


Here I think we need different analytics that are more focused on activity and feature use. Intercom appears to be able to do a pretty good job on this, I need to look into setting up more alerts for people likely to churn or even upsell opportunities.


Paying customers


Same analytics as in trial regarding activity and feature use. It would also be nice if we could get Stripe info into our analytics to paint a complete picture of who goes from website visitor all the way to paying.


BareMetrics is also a good option in terms of tracking our churn and growth rates as well as current MRR and etc. We’ve looked into this in the past and probably still isn’t necessary but might be good to invest in at some point when we have more data nailed down and coming in.


Current analytics:


Google Analytics is set up for tracking website visitors and traffic but not currently utilized (by me).


When people are converting to leads I get most of my current information from LeadPages (this is pretty much only the visitors to lead magnets, conversions, and conversion rate).


SalesForce is where we currently track most of our lead and sales activity. MailChimp integrates somewhat with SalesForce (shows campaigns I send out but not opening or clicks and doesn’t show info on our automated lead magnet campaigns). I use SalesForce for notes on customers and call logging and etc.


I also use YesWare to track the emails I send through gmail which can integrate with SalesForce (logging when people open the emails and click links) on a higher plan ($30 or $40 per month)


Once in trial our analytics info comes from Intercom but I still log most things in SalesForce (communication between me and them). For another $100 a month we can integrate SalesForce and Intercom but not sure how much this would help us tracking wise. I haven’t looked into this in too much detail as it wasn’t a real option/consideration for us at that price.


If they convert this is apparent when they pay us on Stripe and I currently log this information in SalesForce manually.

———————————————-End Email—————————————————-



I hope this was somewhat helpful for you if you’re still reading. This funnel has been pieced together over about 2 years (part time) and we’re now in the process of tracking and optimizing.


If you managed to make it through (or skim) this entire brain dump, could you leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like me to expand on?