Monthly Archives: February 2018

Feb 12 - How the hell has it been a week

Been a week since last posting here (though I did create a video of a daily journal I’ll post here and backdate soon)

Today I’m working on the ZenMaid website as we move it to Ruby on Rails. Also, upping my daily Polish on DuoLingo a little bit.

Finally, I had a thought I meant to write about last week on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - will expand on this later but I’m being impatient with it and need to get away from that as quickly as possible

February 4 in Chiang Mai - More of The Power Broker (about Robert Moses)

Listened to a solid hour of the Power Broker earlier and taking lessons from history on a guy really thinking differently to get things done in politics. He thought on a differently level and got exponentially more things done rather than going one step at a time. Makes me wonder what we can do at ZenMaid that’s the same (first thought is expanding quicker to New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more)

February 1 - from Chiang Mai

Daily journal - Day 2

Going to keep it short but keep the streak alive - back to listening the Power Broker on one of the most powerful men in New York, Robert Moses. Very political but surprisingly inspiring this book is one I’m working through over a couple months (as opposed to my usual book sprints) as it’s over 40 hours long, I believe.

I’ll definitely be writing it about it more as I go on.

I have Jeremey C. from visiting in Chiang Mai so we’re co-working and hanging out a bit which is awesome.