El Presidente (About)

I’m Amar…

Entrepreneur, business consultant, and the President of the United States of Amarica, a Global Superpower.

I spend my time working on a few choice businesses, traveling the world (hello from Thailand!) and monkeying around.

I’m also a huge Futbol fan (Barcelona and Arsenal are my teams, or Barsenal as I prefer to say) and I’ve been meaning to get back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for some time now.

How I can help you:

I specialize in getting things done without actually doing them. If there’s a way to automate or outsource a task, I’m going to find it. Because I value my time too highly to waste my life doing things I don’t enjoy.

If you’re an entrepreneur I can help free up your time from your business so you can focus on more important things … or join me on my world travels …

If you’re an entrepreneur who happens to run a maid service my software ZenMaid will help you to get more done in less time by automating your business.

My story in a nutshell:

Raised in California I was a terrible student all the way through school. I somehow managed to get into college and attended UC Davis in Northern California.

During that time I played a lot of poker (at expense of my schooling) and eventually tried my hand at Internet Marketing.

That did not go as planned and I quickly took a job post-college doing the only thing I could … Sales (ew)

In 2012 I started a maid service in Orange County, CA: Fast Friendly Spotless. Though that venture did not end well it did lead me to co-found ZenMaid.com in 2013.

ZenMaid is now my primary source of income with almost 100 customers and growing steadily. And thanks to outsourcing, automation, and business systems managing that business takes me 30 minutes per day.

In early 2015 I left my day job in San Francisco to attempt the to live the Four Hour Work Week. I’ll be reporting on that regularly to see if it works.

Given that I’m writing this About Page from Chiang Mai after spending the last month and a half in Bali and India I’d say it’s going pretty darn well.

Want to work with me?

The one thing that’s always annoyed me is entrepreneurs who start their businesses for freedom yet never have any free time to hang out with me.

Sound like you? Check out my Business Consulting page to learn how we can free up your time:


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