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My 2017 Goals - $100k/mo, BJJ Blue Belt, and More

Goals not meant to be reached

Sharing my 2017 goals for the year for reflection purposes later, a little public accountability, and of course, in case this motivates someone else to take action and achieve their goals.

My 4 goals for the year:

1. $100k per month for ZenMaid
2. BJJ Blue Belt
3. Meditate 2x per day
4. Improve my Personal Branding by helping others acheive their goals

An important note: Other than goal #2 I consider these to all be “stretch” goals. I’d be happy with “inferior” results but have set these goals to push hard and aim high.
I’ve gone back and forth in the past between sharing goals publicly and not sharing them at all.

I started out more on the share-everything side of things but found it detrimental as I started ZenMaid. I identified the reason as being sharing the goals, making steps toward them, then sharing those accomplishments, was giving me subconscious approval and the feeling that I was already accomplishing them. Essentially I would do something one time but share it with multiple people and feel like I’d accomplished much more than in reality.

This did not help my productivity, even though it was designed to give me some sort of public accountability.

After a conversation with my business partner, Arun, I switched to the other opposite extreme to get both perspectives. I found that when I let my actions do the talking (only bringing things up publically when they were complete) to be quite empowering and help me to be more internally driven, rather than doing things for others.

At the same time though not sharing my goals with others sometimes led to me quitting them when I would have preferred to stick with them and public accountability would have helped.

This year though, I’m back to sharing my goals publically. You’ll notice this post is going live a few weeks after New Year’s … this is because I set my goals at the start of the year and have been executing on them daily on my own.

I did this on purpose to set goals for myself first, and share them now that I believe it doesn’t matter:

There’s little external accountability that I can receive from writing this post that would affect my focus and efforts toward achieving these 4 things in 2017.

The 2017 Goals I’ll be basing my life decisions around accomplishing:


1. $100,000 per month for ZenMaid - this is my number 1 goal for 2017, it’s what I’ll be optimizing all my other decisions around. It’s a massive stretch goal for our business and would literally require larger month over month growth than we’ve ever had before (for 12 months) but our thinking bigger is already paying dividends.

With this goal it’s less about actually acheiving it than aiming for it. My other goals below are achievable for sure, this one may or may not be, but we’re damn well going to try.

2. BJJ Blue Belt - To be completely honest I don’t care about actually getting my blue belt, I care a lot more about getting to a blue belt level. What’s the difference, you ask?Because I travel and live in 4 or more places (that vary) per year, I don’t have a “home” gym. Most instructors are hesitant to award belts to people that are not “their” students and hence I don’t know who would actually test me for the belt.

If someone were to test me I’d have to be so obviously above and beyond a blue belt that my ultimate focus is on the level, not the belt recognition.

3. Meditate 2x per day - The actual goal here is to meditate daily but I’m enjoying doing a morning and evening meditation so 2x per day is the “stretch” goal, along with working my way up to longer meditations

4. Build up the personal brand - I’m currently working through Neil Patel’s guide to Personal Branding and have identified that I’d like my brand to help me connect with higher level entrepreneurs (like Neil, Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, and many more). I don’t have any intention of monetizing my personal brand but believe it will directly make me more money (and more successful) through positive influences and being able to attract better help to ZenMaid and my other projects.

 A lot of this will be sharing my experiences and thought processes (like this post for example) and I also hope to help others acheive their goals though I don’t have 100% clarity on how/what that might be.