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Help ZenMaid convert more website visitors into email leads!

I just posted the following to SuperFastBusiness, a great community run by James Schramko. I’m looking for feedback on the current ZenMaid site to collect more email addresses from website visitors.

Have suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them!


Hey all,

I recently redid our website at

It’s converting website visitors into trial signups better than our previous pages (which were admittedly terrible) but what I’m struggling with now is collecting more email addresses from our visitors.

Feedback I’m looking for: Suggestions to get more emails from website visitors, general website feedback
Our page is for: Maid services (specifically the owners and operators of these services)
Ultimately selling: Software marketing and management automation)

More details:

Current state of email collection on our website:

I have a lead capture bar on the bottom of our home page that rotates 3 of our popular lead magnets for free download.

Also, if a visitor clicks on a free trial link from the home page we ask for their email address before taking them to the page (I just added this in a few days ago).

From there visitors either flow to our plans/free trial page or to our demo page:

On we have a contact form in the bottom right that asks if there is anything preventing the visitor from trying ZenMaid. We also have an exit intent popup that offers a quick case study if they aren’t ready to make a decision about the software yet.

We also offer a 1 on 1 demo sign up at the bottom of the page.

On we also have the same exit intent popup if they try to leave.

One important note is that we require credit card information for a trial which isn’t stated until the signup form. I’d like us to collect their email address right after they hit the signup form on the plans page but currently running into technical difficulties making that happen.
I have quite a few items at my disposal to help collect leads:

3 lead magnets
1 recorded webinar
2 quick “courses” (1 email series, 1 video series)
Consulting calls
More information

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



Update: 5:20 pm 8/27/15

The first person I shared this article with was my good friend, Ark, whose comment you view below. He left me extensive feedback which I’ve already taken and made some changes with. I specifically went through the stuff he pointed out that was “obvious”.

Here’s what I’ve done:

1) Added a Favicon to

2) Set up a heatmap software (thanks SumoMe!) to track website visitor activity starting immediately

3) Moved our demo video up the demo page to the top and set it up to autoplay

4) Made our first CTA on the home page more congruent with our explainer video