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Want to learn about marketing on LinkedIn? Check out my new site

LinkedIn is one of the best marketing channels for my SaaS (software as a service) company ZenMaid.

I recently started sharing my experience at ZenMaid and helping other businesses to market their services and products on LinkedIn. I also share a lot of my more general thoughts relating to entrepreneurship specifically to the list here if you’re interested:



My Book Writing Process - Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing

This is the first in a small series I’ll be writing about the creation and approach to my first book on Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing (name still to be determined)

Honestly, these posts are more to help me personally to analyze and improve on what I’m doing, I’ll be honest: I have no idea if what I’ll be doing are the right things to do, but I can tell you why I’m choosing to approach things a certain way.

To start I’ll just list the things I’m currently doing as work for this book:

1) Research:

I went through Audible and bought every LinkedIn Marketing book I could find that didn’t look like a scam/part of someone’s Kindle publishing “empire”. I now have 10+ hours of audio to listen to on LinkedIn Marketing.

This is to help me learn what’s already out there being sold in the same fashion as I intend to but I also expect to learn a lot and make some improvements to our current LinkedIn campaigns for ZenMaid

2) Sales Page:

In addition to additional research on the project right now I’m also finalizing a sales page for early access to the book. I already know that I’m going to write this book because I feel like I can help quite a few entrepreneurs with my story so this isn’t really about validation. Instead I’m trying to build an email list as I’m writing the book that I can go to for feedback or perspective

3) Find my “10”

I want to approach this book like I’m writing it for 5-10 of my close entrepreneur friends who are looking to get started or improve their results on LinkedIn. Right now I have about 3 friends in mind and I’m constantly brainstorming more. These 10 people would be my target audience and I’ve found it’s easier to approach mentally thinking “What would Joe need to know here to succeed with this section?” rather than “What should I include in this chapter?”

Finally, I’m trying to find as many book writing experts and resources as possible to figure out what I don’t know I don’t know.

More on that to come …

If you’re interested in being one of my “10” please don’t hesitate to reach out! Knowing what you need to know in order to succeed on LinkedIn helps me help you!

Here’s a photo from last night for no reason:

Here's a random photo from last night at the FC Barca match in Barcelona

Here’s a random photo from last night at the FC Barca match in Barcelona

6 Tips to Get Started with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

ZenMaid recently started using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates with a lot of success so I thought I’d share some tips I’ve found through trial and error.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates help businesses to promote their content and products in a more natural way. They show up in your LinkedIn news feed as posts so you can catch people’s attention with valuable content.

Think of them like Facebook promoted posts (if those are working for you):

- Use them well and you can connect your brand to a new and amazingly engaged audience.
- Use them poorly and you’ll spend a lot of time and money with little reward.

Like any social media posting, our early success has come with targeted posting. We’re currently sharing 4 lead magnets that are highly, highly specific to residential cleaning services and they’re a big hit.

Here are 6 Tips to Get Started with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

  1. Keep the Headline Focused On Your Benefit or Deliverable

Catchy, irresistible headlines in your Sponsored Updates mean more clicks, which translate to more sales. Your headline needs to promise a valuable resource of some type, and it needs to do it in very little space. I personally have spent more time working on the headlines of our lead magnets than the actual landing pages.

  1. Add value

Don’t be the marketer that pretends to be helping people only to actually focus just on the potential customers.

If you’re going to sell, then sell, but if you’re advertising a valuable resource you need to make sure it’s just that: VALUABLE.

Our most popular resource is the 47 Keywords Every Maid Service Must Know for Google … it’s just a spreadsheet with all the keywords our target industry should rank for but that’s EXACTLY what we promise and deliver. Our leads LOVE it!

  1. Remember images!

If you see an update without a picture, are you likely to click on it? Chances are, you won’t, and that’s exactly what we’ve confirmed at ZenMaid.

Due to my laziness we started out with one lead magnet (5 tools we used to grow our maid service) that did not have an image on the sponsored update. It did terribly until we added a similar image to our other ads (see above)

Posts without pictures often seem incomplete compared to ones that do. If there is a curious or interesting picture that supplements the headline, your curiosity might urge you to click on the post.

Note: The best image size for LinkedIn posts is 698 x 400.

  1. Repurpose Your Content

There’s an adage about television: if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you. Maybe your company conducted a study that was relevant to your readers? Perhaps you produced a killer infographic?

For ZenMaid we took an email series called Systems Week that we’d sent to our subscribers and turned it into a 4 day video course you can opt-in to. By Sponsoring an update that sent LinkedIn users there we’ve generated new leads that learn a variety of strategies for their businesses that we can help them with further.

If you’re worried about what you’ll share in Sponsored Updates, take a look at what you’ve already done in the past. I bet you can find something to re-package and generate you mass leads.

  1. Use a Laser, not a Shotgun

You are not going to appeal to all of the people all of the time, so put your marketing efforts into your target demographic. Sponsored Updates need to speak directly to your niche. The more on-point you are, the more likely they will click on your links.

As mentioned above, our lead magnets are all highly targeted to residential cleaning services. Not carpet cleaners, not commercial cleaners, just maid services. We target them using the groups they’re in and focus our value propositions very specifically.

  1. Test. Test. Retest. Test.

Even the optimization experts test all the time (ESPECIALLY the experts). Try out different headlines and formatting. Change your images to see if your clickthrough rate rises.

By testing and retesting, you are not only tweaking for your own campaign, but you are tweaking for future campaigns. There is value in knowing both sides of the coin. Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does.

We’re using our current LinkedIn campaign to determine the best lead magnet to promote on our blog.


This was a quick overview of some of the best practices we’ve found that should be used for LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

By providing a clear, concise, and valuable content to your target audience, you are opening them up to learn more about your products and services.

What else do you want to know about marketing your business on LinkedIn?