Daily Journaling

After reading this article by Ryan Holiday I’ve finally decided to start journaling daily, or at least making an attempt to. I’ve said things like this in the past on this very blog that haven’t happened but I believe this time is different as I’m already in the habit of doing the following daily:

1. Coding
2. Learning Polish
3. Reading (books)

The journaling I’ll be doing will be for me however I’ll be posting it publicly here to hold myself accountable.

From Ryan’s article, in the interest of getting some momentum, my bare minimum post will be to log what I read that particular day or something I learned.

This post is being written from the Kuala Lumpur airport where I’ve just landed and, while on my flight in, almost finished Stealing Fire - Steven Pressfield’s follow up book to The Rise of Superman.

The book has been discussing the element of flow in the lives of teams of all sorts from Navy SEALS (the coolest example in my opinion) to tech teams.

An immediate takeaway from this was getting the ZenMaid support team to act more like a team and less like individuals in the way we deal with our support issues. While our support team has been great about handling their individual responsibilities as a team we’ve missed somethings that should have been caught if we were thinking about our higher levels goals first and acting accordingly :-)

Book link -

Stealing Fire - How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work

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