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I just posted the following to SuperFastBusiness, a great community run by James Schramko. I’m looking for feedback on the current ZenMaid site to collect more email addresses from website visitors.

Have suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them!


Hey all,

I recently redid our website at

It’s converting website visitors into trial signups better than our previous pages (which were admittedly terrible) but what I’m struggling with now is collecting more email addresses from our visitors.

Feedback I’m looking for: Suggestions to get more emails from website visitors, general website feedback
Our page is for: Maid services (specifically the owners and operators of these services)
Ultimately selling: Software marketing and management automation)

More details:

Current state of email collection on our website:

I have a lead capture bar on the bottom of our home page that rotates 3 of our popular lead magnets for free download.

Also, if a visitor clicks on a free trial link from the home page we ask for their email address before taking them to the page (I just added this in a few days ago).

From there visitors either flow to our plans/free trial page or to our demo page:

On we have a contact form in the bottom right that asks if there is anything preventing the visitor from trying ZenMaid. We also have an exit intent popup that offers a quick case study if they aren’t ready to make a decision about the software yet.

We also offer a 1 on 1 demo sign up at the bottom of the page.

On we also have the same exit intent popup if they try to leave.

One important note is that we require credit card information for a trial which isn’t stated until the signup form. I’d like us to collect their email address right after they hit the signup form on the plans page but currently running into technical difficulties making that happen.
I have quite a few items at my disposal to help collect leads:

3 lead magnets
1 recorded webinar
2 quick “courses” (1 email series, 1 video series)
Consulting calls
More information

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



Update: 5:20 pm 8/27/15

The first person I shared this article with was my good friend, Ark, whose comment you view below. He left me extensive feedback which I’ve already taken and made some changes with. I specifically went through the stuff he pointed out that was “obvious”.

Here’s what I’ve done:

1) Added a Favicon to

2) Set up a heatmap software (thanks SumoMe!) to track website visitor activity starting immediately

3) Moved our demo video up the demo page to the top and set it up to autoplay

4) Made our first CTA on the home page more congruent with our explainer video


  • So I don’t have too much to contribute but here are my two cents:

    1. I am a bit lost with the landing page…it feels a bit busy to me. Granted I know nothing about cleaning business, so maybe the words that would go straight to your market are lost on me. Still, I feel like there is a lot of moving parts and I am lost, so I get overwhelmed. Do you use more than one landing page for different channels etc?
    2. So when I go to the page, I get email collection bar on top (is it yours or AppSumo?), the free report lead magnet bar on the bottom, 3 buttons to start demo and 2 buttons to start a trial. Do you have stats for where you get most traction? What people click most? Heat maps? How the scroll, where their eyeballs are sticking?
    3. I actually have to scroll down on 15″ Macbook to see the video. No bueno. What I first see is big ass logo and some slogan, is this the most important thing you want to show me when I just land on the page? Also, stats on how much of the video are people watching?
    4. Buddha is spelled with 2 dd 😉
    5. I would strengthen the video’s “hook” by changing “discover how top maid..” to something that speaks to me more directly. Also at the end, can you add clickable button/text/CTA in the video itself in Wistia to take them to Demo?
    6. Minor thing - favicon. Right now you have Bluehost’s
    7. I haven’t gotten any popups, Do you have any? Based on time on page? Percentage scrolled etc? I would def add popup, work way better than just bar. If you time it right, its not even annoying
    8. “see it in action” text followed by “View a Demo” - is that two CTAs? Why not combine into one descriptive button CTA?
    9. “if buddha ran…” is quirky but is that your best close? In sales/copywriting, if I remember teachings correctly, quirky/funny is not the best. Clear and intentional is.
    10. You have a video with “CTA” in it, girls saying “sign up for free trial now”, yet your button right below says “View a Demo”. I would also expand the CTA buttons to say way more explicitly smth like “View a Demo on How to Save 3 hours a day managing your cleaning business”. You get the idea
    11. When I click on the Demo, I am taken to a page where I have to again scroll down to a video, why? If you have to tell me (scroll down), you are already losing me. Give me video, start it automatically, then below it (and even better IN IT), give me all the reasons to sign up (features, testimonials, etc etc). Also, thats when I would love to see a popup as well (side of course, not over the screen) to collect email for more tips/report/whatever.
    12.I liked the size of video on the demo page, yet on the main landing page I think it’s too small, if that’s your main intent to have people watch it
    13. You have on landing page ““ZenMaid helped double our cleanings in just the last 3 months!”” — now would be a great time to ask me for emails, to send me shit that teaches me how
    14. “Check out ZenMaid in Real Time with our Extensive yet Quick Demo” - I would remove “extensive yet Quick”, why appologize? and make that into a CTA button, instead of a button below and text above
    15. At the bottom “Transform Your Cleaning Business in 7 Days. Guaranteed.” — I like that. That gets me going. By why is it only at the bottom?

  • 1. Yes, we have other landing pages. This is the one that offers the most information and is where people will come if they aren’t clicking through from another site directly.

    If they are they will likely see a page like this: (these get a really high opt-in rate)

    2. As mentioned in our Facebook conversation, the bar you saw at the top was not supposed to be there.

    Great suggestion on the heatmaps, I think SumoMe offers that functionality so I’ll set that up ASAP

    3. I didn’t have the logo in there originally but was told our brand wasn’t prominent enough and added it in. I’ll check on the heatmaps and bounce rate but the line that should be visible should hook our target market into reading more.

    The video has been played 243 times in the last 3 weeks and is watched on average 61% of the way through. It’s play rate is about 5% (but keep in mind our customers come to this page before logging in usually).

    4. I know :-(

    5. I’ll brainstorm other hooks for that.

    Regarding a CTA in the video I think that’s available in Wistia’s $100 a month plan. We’ll likely consider this in the near future but not immediately.

    6. Didn’t even notice that, will fix ASAP

    7. Right now we only have exit intent popups. I definitely agree that a well timed popup could collect us more leads, just not sure how to go about figuring out which one is best (or how to test it against our current bars)

    8. I wasn’t sure about this: figured “View a demo” and “See it in action” implied the same thing?

    9. Agreed with this, we got this video done on fiverr quite some time ago so I’d need to look into if the same people are still available to help.

    10. This is awesome, I’ll make changes for consistency immediately and make my CTAs more descriptive.

    11. I love the idea of autoplaying the demo. Will set that up now.

    12. Will look into this.

    13. Awesome, will use this panel to collect email leads

    14. I’m not sure why I wrote that, it felt weird when I did but I just left it. Facepalm.gif

    15. It’s at the bottom because I had no idea it was actually decent copy. Will move it up the page if it hits home.

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